At Chiuro, there is a fine line between cellar – meant as physical place where production takes place – and life. Suffice it to remember that during the Second World War the building where Rainoldi’s cellars were, was occupied by Nazi troops and the cellar itself was a shelter for the whole family. Nowadays this place still has a special meaning: Not only is it the wine cellar place but above all it is the family home.

Going beyond the ancient stone staircase and crossing the old wooden gate opposite the “Pharmacy of the Healthy” means discovering part of the firm unknown to many people. The long row of barrels, the regular sequence of small oak barrels and the geometrical precision of the stacked baskets full of bottles offer a remarkable visual impression and show how important time is for these wines.

Chiuro cellar’s peculiarity and pride is the little difference in temperature between the coldest time in Winter (11º-12º C) and the hottest in Summer (18º-19º). Such an extraordinary natural thermal resistance is due to two main characteristics: the building, entirely made of stone, has very thick walls (the outside walls are over a metre thick) and the cellar is completely underground. No energy at all is consumed to condition or air it, all it’s needed is to open/close some air vents.

The slogan“wine as culture” find its real meaning in the cellar’s “pharmacy of the healthy”, in the beginning used as a tank for affinamento (tannin balancing process) and now storage for the big formats of the best reserve wines, and in another area called “Infernot”, crammed with wooden boxes full of wines that made the history of the firm.
Indeed, as Giuseppe Rainoldi often says, in order to understand the future we need to know the past: “the previous vintage years are important to test the work carried out in the previous harvests, but they can also help us to better express the enormous potentialities of these wines through time”.

In view of this, two tasting rooms have been created. The most fascinating room is the one situated near the barrique cellar, entirely in stone, with vaulted ceiling and pieces of decoration made from chestnut slats. The second room for bigger groups is on the second floor and it is next to the impressive showroom where you have the chance to purchase the wines at the end of the tasting.

When the vintage year permits and exclusively between mid October and mid December, it is possible to visit the two store rooms: the one at Chiuro and the one at Ca' Rizzieri, about one km away from the firm itself.