Valtellina is a mountainous valley that stretches from East to West in Nothern Italy. It is the second largest area in the world as for the presence of Nebbiolo and the most extended viticulture on hilly slopes in Italy and the third in Europe.

A unique, fascinating territory, dominated by 2,500 km of dry-stone walls. An extraordinary vine area that makes it possible to grow Nebbiolo in optimal conditions thanks to the peculiar micro-climate conditions of these altitudes. Suffice it to say that next to the dry-stone, cactuses and other succulent plants grow spontaneously. A real Mediterranean scrubland in the heart of the Alps.

Here the vine variety Nebbiolo – locally called Chiavennasca – can offer scented, highly elegant and ageable wines. Chiavennasca, from the local dialect “Ciù Venasca”, means “more winey” as the Benedictine monks had already understood back in the 12th century. They were the first to realise the potential of this vine variety and its adaptability to the local climate and soil situation.

Valtellina wine is indeed a high quality wine. It is the result of various factors. First, the orientation to the South of all the vineyards and their steep slopes, which gives them an extraordinary exposure to the sun. Secondly, the extensive temperature range between day and night, typical of sunny and dry autumns, which allows to have healthier grape bunches and more aromatic wines. Also the light, shallow, loose soils, which are never wet and above all with limited yield per hectare. Finally, the average age of the vineyards is over 60 years and that guarantees the best quality.

Really unique vineyards in need of great care, attention and exclusively hand-made labour. This viticulture on hilly slopes requires around 1,200 working hours a year per hectare – four times as many as the time needed for hill viticulture – and the harvest sometimes gets carried out with the help of a helicopter to carry the picked grapes from the terracing to the valley.

With over nine hectares of land directly managed and with the precious contribution of over sixty trustworthy collaborators, supervised by the company’s agronomist, Aldo Rainoldi Wine House producesthe wines of the principal denominations, corresponding to the areas of Rosso di Valtellina Doc and Valtellin a Superiore Docg. The latter denomination groups together the subzones of Sassella, Grumello, Inferno and Valgella, guaranteeing the quality of the most interesting Chiavennasca.